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TIG Welding (WIG Schweissen)/ Silver soldering (Hartlöten Technik)

Since 1996 Daniel Kage has been mastering the techniques of TIG welding through his international experiences including Japan, Brazil, and Austria.

Based in Vienna since 2011, he graduated at the Institut BFI as a metallbearbeitungstechniker, as well as the certificates for TIG welding, Arc welding, MAG welding and training modules of Oxyacetylene welding. 

After graduating, for over three years, Daniel Kage worked at WOKA LAMPS VIENNA, considered one of the most traditional metal art galleries in Austria. There, he continued to master his skills working with Silver soldering where he dived in the brass world.

Combining modern technology with the traditional techniques of metal handcrafted artifacts, he keeps alive the art of craft.

The art of grinding

"A process of transmutation through the art of craft."

Working with stainless steel since 1996, grinding and polishing by hand all kind of structures has been part of Daniel Kage's career as a metal artist/technician. 

From 2016 until 2019 he worked at the WOKA LAMPS VIENNA grinding and polishing the artifacts they were producing, restoring old classic lamps and also helping to produce the lamps of the Wiener Werkstätte. A very important chapter in his career where he discovered the world of brass.

"Polishing is the last step in the metal manufacturing process. Therefore it is the most important one. The sharp corners and edges, the regular and straight surface and the clear lines of the design must be achieved by hand grinding and polishing, exceeding all expectations. Mirror finishing, matt, hairline, hammered, glass stone blasting, patina. Each one brings out a unique beauty to the piece in itself. "

Stainless steel/ Edelstahl
"The contemporary steel"
We offer our special services to produce unique handcrafted artifacts in stainless steel for the interior design and architecture sector, focusing on furniture, design accessories and art pieces. Our outstanding technical skills will make your project come true. 

Messing (brass)

"The golden metal"

The warmth of brass has been increasingly conquering more space in the architecture and design area,

Copper and the varied-color copper alloys invite a nurturing feeling, and in the stressful times that we are living in, the need to embody warmth resonates with a lot of people. 

Daniel Kage offers its fine services of producing unique handcrafted artifacts in brass.

He works according to your project and giving you all the technical support to make it come true.

 Don't hesitate on contacting me!         

Daniel Kage
daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
Daniel Kage
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