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Sacred Geometry, the architecture of the Universe


“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras


Every single matter in the Universe is based on geometric shapes. From the most minuscule particles, atoms, cells, molecules, to the greater Cosmos, everything follows geometrical archetypes underlying the principle of oneness.


The geometric shapes found in nature reveal us the Secret Codes of the Universe. As I delve deep in this magnificent science through research, it becomes more clear that every single life manifestation on Earth comes from the same source. We are all connected by the Creator. These patterns are very powerful mandalas that allow us to connect to higher dimensions.


They are part of me and of everything in the Universe. An awakening to conscious love. 


Understanding the Hidden Codes of the geometric shapes is to understand how the Creator built the Universe, increasing the most important values amongst human beings.


We are surrounded by countless geometric structures and the element air as well is composed of them. That means, when we breathe, we constantly allow nature to connect us with all the pure and healing shapes. We are breathing shapes through the air. This continuous reminder of our relationship with the Universe is the key for the meditation through these sacred geometric shapes, keeping our vibrating energy in the same frequency of the Universe to find our inner peace.



        by Daniel C. Kage

Daniel Kage
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