Crystal of Life
Material: Stainless steel 
Size: 34 x 21 x 47 cm.
The sculpture expresses the life cycle in our brief journey in this dimension. From the moment our cells begin to multiply in a hexahedron shape, the first three dimensional geometric shape, we board on a restless and constant searching for the evolution of our being. Geometry is the path to the awakening of counsciousness. As all regular polyhedra are connected with each other, and these same shapes are the blueprint of the Universe, it shows the principle of oneness. The three dimensional mandalas, which are the visual representations of the Universe vibrations, are considered sacred symbols since the dawn of humanity. The oldest civilizations and religions shared the same principles: this knowledge and the healing power that these shapes have in the arrangement of the perfect symmetry of its proportions. The composition of the sculpture created by hexahedral crystals that follow the golden spiral with measures based on the proportions of the base, reflect the transformation/ evolution of our lives. We see the crystals passing for a polishing process during their growth, as we go to an internal process of evolution through countless experiences. Arising from the last and biggest hexahedral crystal we have a cuboctahedron named “The Vector Equilibrium” within an octahedron. It symbolizes the Light radiating in all directions in a perfect symmetry. The cuboctahedron is the core of the combination between the hexahedron and the octahedron, thus creating a perfect harmony in the composition of the sculpture. Creating an imaginary hexahedron from the Octahedron vertices, we have the Tesseract or Hypercube, a four dimensional solid. In conclusion, the sculpture shows the expansion of Life from the base, a two dimensional plane to the higher dimensions where we are able to reach the full state of enlightment shown by the multidimensional solids. Observing these forms lead us to a meditative state of contemplation, in a deeper state of mind. It also continuously reminds us that all is one. Hari Om Tat Sat _/ \_
Photo creditas: Christoph Lerch


The Platonic Solids


Material: Stainless steel.

Finishing: High gloss buff finishing.

Size: 25 cm.

For thousands of years these sacred shapes have been enchanting humans. The Greek philosopher Plato, in his Timaeus c. 350 B.C., equated the five Solids with the five Elements: the Cube with Earth, the Icosahedron with Water, the Tetrahedron with Fire, the Octahedron with Air, and the Dodecahedron with the element Ether from which the constellations and heavens were made. 


Only in the 1980s the american Robert James Moon, physicist, chemist and engineer from the University of Chicago proved that the entire table of chemical elements is based on these 5 Platonic Solids. These shapes are the source of every single matter that exist in the Universe. 


The light that comes out from the lamps through the geometric progression pattern creates an unique fractal grid, bringing a beautiful sensation of calmness and peace. 


They are made of stainless steel, cut in waterjet laser and each side is welded together and mirrored polished, keeping the clean and pure beauty of the shape. 


Twin Souls:
Stella & Flor do Cerrado

Material: Stainless steel. 
Finishing: Both side high gloss buff finishing. 
Size: 30 cm diameter.

- Light sculpture Stella (based on the dodecahedron-Ether):

A tribute to guiding star.

The crown chakra...

The heaven...arranging the constellations with pentagramic stars...the divine creation emanating the light from all sides in perfect proportions...

I feel honored and eternally grateful for finding my twin soul.

- Light sculpture Flor do Cerrado (based on the icosahedron-Water):

The water from the waterfalls... the crystals, the blossoming, radiating pure a paradise called Alto Paraíso de Goias...Brazil.
My roots...a special place on Earth...

Each platonic solid has its own dual. Both dodecahedron and icosahedron are perfectly aligned...connected.

image credits: Christoph Lerch

Interior design

The beauty of nature at home. 

The art of grinding 
(under construction)

The japanese stainless handcrafters are considered one of the best in the world. In 1996 I had the opportunity to learn the secrets of grinding stainless steel.

Here you will find some samples of what it is possible to make on a stainless steel surface. Use your imagination!


If you have a special project don't hesitate in write me. It would be a great pleasure to make your dreams come true.

Coming soon. 

Collection "The 5 Platonic Solids"

Material: stainless steel AISI 304. Outside finishing: Mirror. Inside finishing: Brushed. Size: 25 cm diameter.