Daniel Kage is a designer and metal sculptor based in Vienna, Austria.

In 1996 his father, a remarkable metallurgic engineer who was implanting new japanese technology of stainless steel in Brazil, sent him to Japan to learn the secrets of handcrafted process of sculptures and artifacts in stainless steel with two of the best metal sculptors in Japan, Master Nagayama from Art Factory Scape in Chiba and Master Maruyama from Maruya Kogyo in Sapporo and their teams.

There in Japan, he was always supported by Mr. Kusakabe, a wonderful man and ex-president of the Tokyo Stainless Grinding company.  

Back to Brazil, Daniel worked in partnership with numerous designers and renowned architects always giving technical solutions and support for their projects. At the same time, he started to develop his own artworks.

Around 2005 he started then his researches about this magnificent and unique science called Sacred Geometry. The geometry in nature that shows us the principle of oneness, the architecture of the Universe.

His art reflects the connection between man, nature, the Universe and the spiritual world, exploring nature’s randomness and elaborating hidden patterns through multidimensional creations.

Inspired by all life manifestation, natural patterns and structures from the most minuscule particles to the whole cosmos, he brings back to our modern world the power of sacred geometry, the ancient knowledge and the majestic patterned geometric beauty of Creation.

In 2016 he was hired by the WOKA LAMPS VIENNA, awarded with the right to use the Austrian Coat of Arms in matters of business. There, he dived into the traditional vienesse culture of metalworking, designing for them and producing some of the most iconic and pioneering lighting of the past century, designed by the Wiener Werkstätte.


“ Through his art I try to bring to our modern world the knowledge of the ancients. They knew about everything and somehow we have lost our real connection with ancient knowledge. It is also a way to share the most beautiful experiences I ever had in my life. These built sacred shapes are part of his meditation which acts as a healing process for my inner soul. It show us the principle of oneness. I feel honored to spread this science through my art.”



e-mail: danielkage@hotmail.com

+43 678 1266958